Compulsory IKE Website

According to the law, the ike website or IKE GEMI Website is mandatory. Necessary statement of the IKE corporate website. Economic price for the construction of ike website.

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Mandatory IKE website

XNWeb Design has endless pages for IKE companies that meet the requirements of the current legislation.

Websites Design for IKE - Website Design for IKE

Εταιρια ικε – ικε ιστοσελιδα

In the facilities we offer you will not find a more economical offer. And if you find an official offer from another company, we give you the same price.

Economic Price

Tax Identification Number, IKE Name, Tax Office, Headquarters Address, number, city, Prefecture, Postal Code, Activities, telephone, email

Your stamp on a photo.

  • GEMI number
  • Chamber registration number
  • Corporate fund
  • The names from the partner or partners, administrator / s in case of a single IKE.

Υποχρεωτικη ιστοσελιδα ικε

You want it right away IKE Website

Contact with us. You just send us your company information and that was it. We do the rest. You do not have to deal with the registration of the ike website, all you will do is tell your accountant about the practical ike for the website and that was it. Read more article us.


Examples of how your page can be made

Ιστοσελίδες ΙΚΕ – υποδειγμα ιστοσελιδας ικε

Υποχρεωτικη ιστοσελιδα ικε Παράδειγμα 1
Υποχρεωτικη ιστοσελιδα ικε Παράδειγμα 2
Υποχρεωτικη ιστοσελιδα ικε Παράδειγμα 3


Οι υποχρεώσεις ικε είναι να έχετε μια ιστοσελίδα και γιατί να μην είναι μοντέρνα και άκρως λειτουργική και να σας επιφέρει έσοδα. Ζητήστε προσφορά και πάρτε άμεση απάντηση.

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