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XNWeb Design Your Idea

Christmas Offer

Website Design + SEO

Blog - Company Presentation

Offer 330.00€

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XNWeb Design Your Idea

Christmas Offer

Design & create of responsive websites. Dynamic websites at the best prices! We provide personalized solutions for companies large and small looking for high quality services.

Professional appearance, modern touch, operation and of course fast loading speed. What sets us apart is our vision and passion for every creation. For us this is not an obligation, but a challenge!


Christmas Offer

Χριστουγεννιάτικη προσφορά blog

Christmas Offer until 31.12.2022. Blog construction-page presentation+SEO from €500 now 330€.

Offer valid for limited services. Website Construction 1-4 pages. Seo. Time is running out…………………… Contact us and write us SPECIAL OFFER as the title in the subject of the message.

Χριστουγεννιάτικο δένδρο


Christmas (compound word of the elementary Christ + birth) is the annual Christian feast of the birth of Christ and consequently all the feasts from that day, December 25, until the Epiphany ("Christmas Feasts").

Christos, Christina and Chrysoula celebrate Christmas day. In general, the customs of the "Christmas holidays" come from a combination of religious (Christian and earlier), and folk traditions that are celebrated mainly by Christians in Europe and America but also by other non-Christian peoples (Chinese, Japanese, etc.).

In Greece, international customs such as Santa Claus and the New Year's reception are combined with Greek customs such as the New Year's pomegranate and stories with goblins. Each country has its own Christmas customs.

The main customs in the decoration are the decoration of the Christmas tree (international), the depiction Nativity scene or Horse manger, the Alexandrian or Star of Bethlehem (international), the Christmas boat (Greek custom related to the occupation of the sea, but also ecclesiastical reference - the Church is often symbolized by a ship), the decoration of Christmas lights (international) and the Christmas calendar.

In Greece the first Christmas tree was decorated in the royal palaces when Otto was king. Source wikipedia.


New offers are coming in many of our services and in a short time you can order online, you will see …….

Our offers do not apply to our affiliate partners because the price is too low.

Details of what we offer at the CHRISTMAS OFFER:

  1. Website Design up to 4 pages (blog-company presentation)
  2. Domain name for 2 years
  3. Website hosting for 1 year, server Greece
  4. Graphic design
  5. Seo - Website Promotion, Search Engine Optimization

You will not find a lower price anywhere else with what we offer, with holidays we may even give you a gift 😉

Finally, these days, during the holidays we hear about Black Friday, Cyper Monday, etc., you have to be careful because the offers are not real, they are simply a deception. But there are shops that do put them but there are very few of them. I'll give you an example: you want to buy a TV, a month ago the store would say €450, now due to holidays and black friday etc. from €600 it's now €450. Where is the offer???

So to see that a product if it really has a discount you must follow the specific website of its store and record it in some way so as not to forget it.