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GPT4 from OpenAI, How to use it?

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In this article we will show you how to use the recently updated Chat GPT4, which has new features such as multimodal input and output, increased accuracy and working memory. This article contains instructions on how to operate the GPT4 system and earn money from it.

Chat GPT4

Highlights of Chat GPT4

  • Text and visual communication are both possible using the multimodal input and output of the GPT4.
  • With a memory capacity of up to 64,000 words, the Chat GPT4 offers increased accuracy and working memory.
  • Artificial intelligence is constantly changing and the GPT4 Chat is just the beginning.
  • 💰 With Chat GPT4, users can earn money by producing content.
  • Like a search engine, Chat GPT4 can provide basic information, but with more depth and content.
  • 🤝 Only prompts can determine how smart the GPT4 Chat is.
  • 🔍 Limited prompts per day or per three-hour window are available to users who visit Chat GPT4 via the OpenAI website.

So openai has just released the gpt4 chat and what you can do with this new chat robot is nothing short of amazing.

In the article I will analyse what's new in gpt4 chat and present a complete guide, as much as I can, on how to use it and how you can actually make money with it by creating content.

So some new additions to this tool is what's called multimodal input and output which means that you and the GPT chat can talk to each other not only with text but also with images.

Chat GPT-4

Improvements Chat GPT-4

A great improvement is you show a picture of for example pancakes and it brings up the whole recipe underneath, with grams and ingredients. FABULOUS!!!!

Another big improvement is that it is more accurate, i.e. you would ask the gpt3 chat to solve a basic math problem and the result it displayed would often be wrong.

Now the chatgpt4 has made some major improvements in its accuracy and one of the biggest improvements is its working memory so the gpt3 chat was limited to about 8 000 words so it would often lose control of the conversation.

The gpt4 now has a memory of about 64 000 words which means you could write enough for a small book and still make sense from start to finish.

That's a few things about the new things in chat gpt4 so let's get into how it really works so this will be a crash course in chat GPT 4 for beginners and you need to realize that artificial intelligence is moving faster than ever so chat gpt4 is just the beginning it's just another update it's just another iteration.

AI - Artificial intelligence

AI – Artificial intelligence

Artificial intelligence has had a major impact on the way we use technology.

One of the best-known applications of AI technology is the development of conversational agents, which allow robots and humans to communicate in a human-like way.

What is Chat GPT-4?

A conversational artificial intelligence system called Chat GPT-4 uses deep learning algorithms to generate answers to user queries that resemble human answers.

It is a language model that has learned the structures and recurring themes found in human language through training on a significant body of textual data.

In order to produce an accurate and convincing answer, the Chat GPT-4 is built to understand the context and intent of a user's query.

Understanding GPT-4 architecture

In order to understand the context and structure of natural language, the GPT-4 architecture, a transformer-based deep learning model, uses multi-headed attention and location coding.

The model is trained using unsupervised learning methods on a significant body of text data, allowing it to understand linguistic patterns and structures.

A stack of transformer blocks that process the input text and produce the output response form the GPT-4 architecture.

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How to use Chat GPT-4

It is very easy to use the Chat GPT-4. You can access it using the OpenAI API or use it with a pre-trained model to integrate it into a single application.

You need to ask Chat GPT-4 a question or a natural language cue to generate a relevant and well thought out answer.

You can then edit and modify the resulting answer to suit your needs.

Benefits of Chat GPT-4

The benefits of GPT-4 Chat are many as mentioned above. First of all, it allows communication with human-like machines, which can improve the user experience and make the technology more accessible to non-technical users.

Chat GPT-4 can also save time and effort by automating repetitive tasks and providing quick and accurate responses to user queries.

In addition, it can be customized to suit specific use cases and integrated into various applications to improve their functionality.

Use cases of Chat GPT-4

There are many use cases for Chat GPT-4. It can be used for customer support and service, where it can provide immediate and accurate answers to consumer queries.

As for personal assistance, it can be used to manage schedules, make reminders and perform many other tasks.

Personalised learning opportunities and improved teacher-student contact are possible with the implementation of Chat GPT-4 in the educational sector.

Πώς να κερδίσετε χρήματα με το Chat GPT-4

How to make money with Chat GPT-4

GPT-4 chat can also be an excellent opportunity to make money. Here are some ways to do it:

Create Chatbots and Virtual Assistants, Virtual Assistants

Developing chatbots and virtual assistants for organizations, you can make money with Chat GPT-4.

There is a huge need for chatbots that can communicate with customers, as companies are becoming increasingly dependent on customer service with artificial intelligence.

Custom virtual assistants and chatbots can be built for businesses and offered as a service.

Application development

A viable option to make money through GPT-4 Chat involves creating applications that use the technology.

In particular, you can design custom applications that interface with Chat GPT-4 and market them to both individuals and companies.

The range of possible applications includes chatbots, virtual assistants, language translators and various other tools.

Consultancy services

One can provide consulting services to companies aiming to integrate Chat GPT-4 into their activities.

Since Chat GPT-4 is a new technology, many businesses may not have sufficient knowledge to use it effectively.

Providing guidance on how to use Chat GPT-4 and helping businesses to create tailored solutions to meet their specific requirements would be useful.


Chat GPT-4 presents a powerful artificial intelligence technology with many advantages and practical uses.

It has the potential to revolutionise our communication with artificial intelligence and enhance end-user satisfaction.

In addition, it can also serve as a profitable business endeavor by designing personalized chatbots and virtual assistants, building applications and providing consulting services.

Frequent questions

What is Chat GPT-4?

XNWeb Design Your Idea

Chat GPT-4 is an artificial intelligence system that uses deep learning algorithms to generate human-like responses to user queries.

How can I use the Chat GPT-4?

XNWeb Design Your Idea

Chat GPT-4 can be accessed via the OpenAI API or integrated into a custom application using its pre-trained model.

What are the benefits of Chat GPT-4?

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The benefits of Chat GPT-4 include improved user experience, time and effort savings, and adaptability.

What are the use cases of Chat GPT-4?

XNWeb Design Your Idea

Chat GPT-4 has a wide range of use cases, including customer service and support, personal assistance and training.

How can I earn money with Chat GPT-4?

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You can make money with Chat GPT-4 by creating chatbots and virtual assistants, developing apps and offering consulting services to businesses.

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