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WhatsApp Web: advantages, disadvantages and instructions

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WhatsApp Web has become an integral part of our daily communication. If you are wondering how you can benefit from this service or what are its advantages and disadvantages, then you are in the right place.

In this article, we will examine in detail, highlighting the advantages of its use, its disadvantages and present you with instructions for its effective use.

Let's start by exploring the advantages of this service.

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Comparison of WhatsApp Web Capabilities

In today's digital world, it has taken a place in our everyday communication. It is important to understand the potential of this tool in order to make the most of it.

In this section, we will compare the main features of WhatsApp Web.

Send and Receive Messages

The main feature of WhatsApp is sending and receiving messages. With WhatsApp Web, you can send texts, photos, videos, and files from your computer as you do on your mobile phone.

Αποστολή μηνύματος μέσω του WhatsApp Web

Conversations in Groups

You can also participate in group chats. This feature is useful for work partnerships or to stay in touch with family and friends.

Συνομιλία σε ομάδα μέσω του WhatsApp Web

Video and Voice Calls

You can make video and voice calls from your computer. This is useful for business meetings or simple voice calls with your friends.

Video call via WhatsApp Web

Screen Recording

An interesting feature is the ability to record your screen during video calls. This is useful for recording important conversations or presentations.

Sync with Mobile

All your messages and conversations are synced with the app on your phone, ensuring you don't miss anything.

These features make this service a very useful extension of your communication, as it offers flexibility and ease of use.

You can take advantage of these opportunities to keep in touch with your loved ones and work efficiently.

Device and Operating Systems Support

WhatsApp Web is an extremely useful service, but how compatible is it with your device and operating system? In this chapter, we'll look at device and operating system support.

WhatsApp Web is designed to be compatible with a variety of devices and operating systems, allowing more people to use it. Let's look at the support in more detail:

Supported Devices

Computers (Desktop)

WhatsApp Web is accessible from most modern web browsers, including Chrome, Firefox, Edge and Safari. This means you can use it on computers running Windows, macOS, or Linux.

Mobile Phones (Mobile)

In addition, it can be used by mobile phones on both Android and iOS. This option is convenient when you want to send messages from your computer using your mobile phone as a connection bridge.

Supported Operating Systems


Works on Windows systems, including Windows 10, 8.1 and 7.


MacOS users can enjoy it on Mac computers.


Even Linux users can take advantage of the WhatsApp connection.


As far as mobile phones are concerned, it is compatible with Android, making it available on a wide range of devices.


Even iOS users can communicate, albeit with some limitations due to limited support from Apple.

It's important to note that support can change over time, so it's always good to check the official WhatsApp website for the latest updates on compatibility.

This flexibility in compatibility makes the Web a very accessible tool for your communication regardless of your device and operating system.

Capabilities and Functions

Its capabilities and functions make it a powerful communication tool. Let's take a closer look at the features it offers:

1. Sending Text, Images and Videos: You can send texts to your contacts, but not only. You can also share pictures, videos and other files by simply tapping the icon.

2. Conversations in Groups: It supports group chats, allowing you to communicate with multiple friends or colleagues at the same time.

3. Voice and Video calls: With the voice and video calling option, you can chat in person with your contacts even if you're far away.

4. Stickers and GIFs: It has a variety of stickers and GIFs to add touches to your conversations, offering more fun and expression.

5. Site Sharing: You can share your location with your friends, which is useful for locating meetings.

6. Sync with Mobile: Your conversations are automatically synchronised with the app on your mobile phone, allowing you to stay up to date.

Security and Privacy

Security and privacy are priorities when using it. We consider the important steps taken to protect your data and communication with others.

Message Encry

All messages you send and receive are encrypted in transit. This means that only you and the recipient have access to the content of your conversations.

Double Connection

To use it, you need to connect via a connected mobile phone.

This adds an extra layer of security, as no one else can access your account from your computer alone.

Inactivity time

If you leave the connection open but don't use it for a long time, your session will automatically end. This protects your account from unwanted access.

Updates and Privacy Options

You can manage your privacy options from your account settings in the WhatsApp Web. This includes checking your visibility and notifications.


If you forget to log off a public computer, you can use the self-lock feature to prevent others from accessing it.

Security and privacy are critical when using any online service. It is no exception, and with the above measures, WhatsApp protects your information and privacy.

Always remember to keep up to date with the latest versions and maintain the security of your account.

Comparison with Other Messaging Services

When it comes to messaging services, it has emerged as a popular option. However, it's worth comparing WhatsApp Web to other similar services to understand where it stands out.

Let's look at the main differences and advantages:

WhatsApp Web vs Facebook Messenger

WhatsApp Web έναντι Facebook Messenger

  • Suitable for Business Use: WhatsApp Web is often preferred for business chats, while Facebook Messenger tends to be used more for personal communication.
  • Link to the Phone Number: WhatsApp only requires the phone number for registration, while WhatsApp only requires the phone number for Messenger requires a Facebook account.

WhatsApp Web vs Skype

WhatsApp Web έναντι Skype

  • Ease of use: WhatsApp Web is considered simpler and easier to read compared to Skype, which has more features.
  • Motivational Privacy: WhatsApp conversations are encrypted, while Skype is subject to Microsoft's strict privacy policies.

WhatsApp Web vs Telegram

  • Synchronisation capability: WhatsApp Web integrates seamlessly with the mobile app, while WhatsApp Web Telegram is independent.
  • Group Talks: Both services support group chats, but Telegram has additional features like channels.

WhatsApp Web vs. Signal

  • Main Voice and Video Calls: Both WhatsApp and Signal offer encrypted voice and video calls.
  • Excellent Safety: Signal has been rated as one of the most secure communication services, but WhatsApp doesn't go back on message security.

WhatsApp Web Advantages

It is a powerful companion in your communication, offering a wealth of advantages that make its use indispensable.

Let's take a look at its main advantages:

1. Ease of Access: Accessible from any computer with internet access. Simply link your account with the QR code and you're ready to communicate.

2. Synchronize Conversations: Your conversations are automatically synchronised with your mobile phone. This means you can always be up to date, no matter which device you use.

3. Conversations in Real Time: Your conversations are in real time, allowing you to exchange messages directly with your contacts.

4. Sending Files: You can share not only text, but also images, videos, files and more, making communication more versatile.

5. Group Conversations: It supports group conversations, ideal for work groups or social circles.

6. Security and Privacy: Conversations are encrypted, protecting your security and privacy.

7. Free Use: It is free to use, except for the internet connection. This makes it an affordable option.

8. Device Support: Compatible with various devices and operating systems, giving you flexibility of use.

In summary, it offers easy access, real-time chats, security and many other advantages that make it an ideal choice for your daily communication.

Disadvantages of WhatsApp Web

Despite its advantages, it has some disadvantages that need to be taken into account. Let's see what they are:

1. Requires Mobile: Requires the existence of a connected mobile phone. If your phone is offline or turned off, WhatsApp doesn't work.

2. Access with QR Code: You need to scan a QR code from your mobile phone. This can be annoying if you need to log in frequently.

Σαρωση QR Code για το WhatsApp Web.webp

3. Limited Capabilities: It has fewer features than the mobile app. For example, you can't make voice calls from your computer.

4. Dependence on the Internet: You must have access to the internet. If you lose your connection, you won't be able to send messages.

5. Computer Security: If you use it on a shared computer, you should be careful and always log out of your account.

Αποσύνδεση από το WhatsApp Web

6. Limited Storage Capability: The messages and files you exchange are stored on your computer, which can be desirable but also problematic from a security point of view

However, its overall advantages outweigh its disadvantages, making it an excellent choice for your online communication.


In summary, WhatsApp Web is a useful tool that allows you to use WhatsApp from your computer, offering several advantages.

It's easy to use, making it easy to send messages from your computer and manage your conversations.

However, there are some disadvantages, such as the need for an internet connection and limited capability compared to the mobile app.

Also, always remember to keep your devices secure and disconnect from public computers.

Ultimately, it's a useful tool that can facilitate your communication, especially when you're in front of a computer. It is an option that can meet your needs for fast and effective communication.

So, don't hesitate to try it and take advantage of its benefits for easier and more efficient communication.

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