Whether it is a classic business card or a business card on luxury paper, our form is impressive in its quality and has undergone special work before and after the press. Do you have important meetings with new customers in Patras, Athens or Thessaloniki? You have a electronic or physical store how you will impress with the first image.

Are you ready to give your phone number orally? Have you met another parent and want to plan on being with your child? Giving them a business card or a personal card, items can be exchanged easily. Not only will you look well prepared, but you will quietly make a good first impression.

επαγγελματικές κάρτες


Today, job seekers need to make the right first impression. One way is to use personal cards to add prestige and seriousness to your look. Create and add content that will not appear on your resume, such as photos and special information, so that they remember the moment they came out after your first interview.


Business cards can be small in size, but they convey the image of your business when you are out of the office. A separate card always has its place in the wallet, office, mirror or nightstand of your partners!

επαγγελματικές κάρτες


If you do not already have a template ready for your card, it does not matter. We are here for you.

FREE design

with the colors of your logo. * Graphic design does not include logo design.



The history of the business card is long and extremely interesting. It starts from 15th century China where merchants and wealthy businessmen used them to manage to arrange a meeting with the person they were interested in. Then we see a new slightly different form and use, by the nobles of France during the reign of Louis XIV. About the same period begins, mainly by merchants and the use of "Trade Cards". Then we can say that the "closest ancestor" of the business card as we know it today was used. From the 18th century the evolution of technology and industry allowed the widespread use and use of business cards that gradually began to take shape in the form that we know them today.


Classic business cards are offered for additional processing, in order to acquire unique and special features.

Cutter selection

We have over 100 ready-made molds to shape your cards, but if none of them cover you, we can make the mold of your choice, just for you.

Possibility of thermal printing (gold printing, silver printing, etc.).Using as a base the four-color laminated surface of the business card, we add the metallic element of the thermotype (various colors) for very impressive results. Only your creativity sets the limits. Waffle (Embossing)Using negative and positive clichés, we press the card, creating embossed elements in the places we want.

Local UVWith the local UV we emphasize with glossy varnish as many elements as we want. If we use it creatively, we produce impressive visual effects. If combined properly with embossing, then one of our favorite business cards is created.

• Thermography, Thermography or "Oven", is a printing method that causes the text or graphic design that we want to swell on the card. The visual effect that is created is very interesting and since the result is tactile, it can even be used for Braille writing.

LetterpressLetterpress printing is a method also known as High Printing. It is the oldest printing method (the first surviving engravings in the West are from the 14th century).

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