Photoshop Adobe Basics

The Adobe Photoshop Basics

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Photoshop Adobe Basics

Introduction of Adobe Photoshop

Let's start with a few words of Adobe Photoshop. There is almost no limit to what you can do in Adobe Photoshop, but first you need to know the basics. We'll cover some of the most basic image settings you can make at Photoshop adobe, such as:

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  • Cut : If you want to remove parts of an image, you can cut . You can think of the cut as using scissors to cut the places you no longer want.
  • Resize : If you want to make an image smaller or larger, you can change . However, keep in mind that making an image larger than its original size generally does not make the image look good (but there is a way)
  • Rotation : If you want to change it orientation an image, you can rotate left or right.

Photoshop adobe Crop

There are two main ways to crop an image in adobe Photoshop. You can either use the tool Crop or make a selection with the tool Rectangular Marquee . These methods work a little differently and you may find that you prefer to use one method over the other.

To crop an image (Method 1):

1.With the image open in adobe Photoshop, select the crop tool from the Tools panel.Βασικά του Photoshop 2. Click and drag to select the part of the image you want to save, then release the mouse.Βασικά του Photoshop3. Adjust them pruning handles if necessary.XNWeb Design Your Idea4. Press Enter on your keyboard to crop the image. You can also do double click in the picture.XNWeb Design Your Idea

To crop an image (Method 2):

1. With the image open in Adobe Photoshop, select the tool Rectangular Marquee from the table Tools .περικοπή εικόνας2. In control panel , locate the drop-down menu Style (In some versions it is also called Mode ). If you want the image to be a specific one aspect ratio select Stable ratio and enter the desired width and height. Otherwise, make sure the style is set to Normal . In this example, we will cut the image to aspect ratio 4 to 3 .

Βασικά του Photoshop περικοπή εικόνας
3. Click and drag to select the part of the image you want to save, then release the mouse.

XNWeb Design Your Idea4.If needed, you can click on edge of the selection box and to move it in the desired position.XNWeb Design Your Idea5. Select Picture > Cut . The image will be cropped.XNWeb Design Your IdeaYou can also move the entire checkbox by making a selection. To do this, click and drag to select the area you want to select but μην αφήσετε το ποντίκι.

Resize and rotate adobe Photoshop

You should avoid making images larger than their original size. When you do this, the image will simply not have enough detail to look good in a larger size.1.With the image open in Photoshop, select Picture > Image size .XNWeb Design Your Idea2. A dialog box will appear. Make sure the pixels are the currently selected unit size and the Resample box is selected. The Lock icon next to the width and height should also be enabled, which will ensure that the proportions remain the same to avoid image distortion.3.Enter the desired dimensions for the new image. When you enter the new image width, the height should be adjusted automatically to maintain the original aspect ratio.XNWeb Design Your Idea4. Click OK. The image size will change.

To rotate an image:

It is easy to rotate an image in Photoshop. You can rotate the images clockwise (CW) or counterclockwise (CCW), flip the image horizontally or vertically, and even rotate an arbitrary amount to select a specific rotation. However, most modern digital cameras will automatically adjust the rotation of the images, so you may not need to use this feature very often.1. With the image open in Photoshop, select Picture Image rotation and , then select the rotation option you want.XNWeb Design Your Idea2. The image will rotate.

Undo adobe Photoshop changes

If you make a mistake, press Ctrl + Z (or Command + Z on Mac) to undo the most recent change. To repeat a change, just press Ctrl + Shift + Z (or Command + Shift + Z on Mac). In older versions of Photoshop, undo works a little differently. You can press Ctrl + Z (or Command + Z on Mac) to undo the most recent change. However, if you press Ctrl + Z again, the change will be repeated. If you want to undo many changes in the order, you need to select Edit> Step Back or press Ctrl + Alt + Z (or Command + Option + Z on Mac).XNWeb Design Your Idea

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