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In this category you will see articles with tips and tricks from programs that you use every day on your mobile (android or ios) or on your computer and more. Broken programs and more.

How to block someone, facebook block? 5 Step-by-step methods

How to block someone on Facebook (facebook block)? Step-by-step guide, 5 methods The [...]

Phrases from movies, # 1 Cinema application

Cinema movies phrases or phrase What do I have for you today ?? An awesome application for android devices [...]

Lowest Price Guarantee

Πολλοί λένε για Εγγύηση Χαμηλότερης Τιμής αλλά την τηρούν αυτή την υπηρεσία. Έχουμε δεσμευτεί να [...]

How to view deleted messages on Viber, # 1 Solution

Πώς να επαναφέρετε τα σβησμένα μηνύματα Viber (λύσεις iOS και Android), επαναφορα viber; Σε αυτό [...]